It is a good time to be a skilled tech worker wanting to come to Canada. This is due to the fact that at the moment the Canadian government is putting a particular focus on this area. Many tech workers will find Canada’s economic immigration pathways suitable, whether it’s at federal or provincial levels. As a tech worker, you will find focused programs to help you immigrate to Canada, such as the federal Skilled Worker Program, or BC’S tech pilot (technically not an “official program” yet!).

Federal Programs

If you are looking to apply under the Express Entry route, there is no specific program, however trend analysis on those occupations that receive invitations to apply (ITA’s) shows that technology jobs are at the top of the list that receive invitations.

Global Talent Stream

Under the Canadian Global Skills Strategy which was launched in 2017 it is possible for a tech worker to receive expedited 2 week work permit processing if they are high skilled. This falls under The Global Talent Stream (GTS). Whilst we won’t go into all the details of this stream here, In a nutshell, there are two categories. Category A is for high growth companies that can demonstrate a need to recruit unique and specialized talent from abroad, and Category B is for employers looking to hire certain highly skilled workers for occupations found in the GTS occupations list. For more info please contact us.


CUSMA has replaced what was previously known as NAFTA. Under this agreement, citizens of Mexico and the US are able to enter Canada under a work permit without the need for an LMIA.
Only certain occupations would qualify, but if you are a computer engineer or a graphic designer, you may be in luck.

Intra Company Transferee

Under the same agreement, if you have worked for a company for at least a year that has a location in Canada you may be eligible under this category.

Provincial Programs

Many provinces run their own programs targeting tech workers. This includes Saskatchewan, Manitoba. British Columbia, Québec, Ontario and Alberta with the list growing all the time.
It’s a great time to want to emigrate to Canada as a tech worker. Element Immigration are happy to assist you. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to get assessed.